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Growth and Development

Dilip K Mukherjee MKC Nair

304 pages
Jaypee Bros Medical Pub Pvt Ltd
In view of the plethora of new developments occurring in the
advanced world it is imperative that an updated reference on the techniques of
measurement of growth and developments of children is provided to assess
the growth. This book has been developed under the aegis of institute of growth
and development. The study of growth is of paramount importance in pediatrics.
Growth is a measurable index of health and a child is whether growing
adequately or not needs to be taken care of. It is important that appropriate
scientifically sound and statistically relevant methods are applied. Growth is
influenced by genetic factors as well s nutrition, social, economic, psychological
environment and illness. It necessitates studying all aspects influencing growth
of a child so as to detect deficiencies or disorders appropriately. This book
bridges the gap between what is taught and what is practiced. It provides a
wholesome, practicable scientific approach to this subject. Covers the study of
developmental syndromes, biological and environmental risks for development
and growth. Covers the new statistical procedures, consensus on growth norms,
childhood obesity tall stature, problems of puberty, and psychological concerns
of adolescence various behavioral problems, early stimulation program, autism,
language delay etc. This book provides a new approach to the subject of growth
and development of children and as far as possible fulfills the lacunae of the
previous edition. A useful volume for students in pediatrics, researchers in the
field of human growth and development