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Discovering God

Exploring the Possibilities of Faith

101 pages
New Paradigm Publishing

Are you a spiritual being or only material? What if you could experience a direct, personal relationship with God? Is there life after death? Can people every really know these things, or do they just have to blindly believe?

Before you answer, consider reading this short, provocative book. In Discovering God, you may learn things you have never seen before.

Learn how God decided to authenticate himself to humans. Learn how we can gain a high degree of certainty about God. Most important, learn how you can experience a personal relationship with the God who created us. And if you already believe but have trouble explaining your faith to others, Discovering God can help.

Author Bio
Dennis McCallum is a graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary. He is founder of Xenos Christian Fellowship in Columbus, Ohio and the author of several books, including Organic Discipleship and Members of One Another.