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Follow the Book of Hebrews into a Life of Radical Grace

186 pages
New Paradigm Publishing
The early Hebrew Christians were in big trouble! Beginning with little steps of unbelief, they were now hardened in their hearts and dull of hearing. To escape persecution and fit in with the neighbors, they had accommodated and domesticated following Jesus. This is what happens when people abandon raw grace for a watered down legalism. Modern readers should be able to recognize the Hebrews condition because much of the modern western church has the same problem.
Author Bio
Bible teacher and author Dennis McCallum is known for simplifying and explaining complicated issues to average readers. He serves as Lead Pastor in Xenos Christian Fellowship, a network of house churches and other ministries centered in Columbus, Ohio. There he and his wife Holly specialize in student ministry at The Ohio State University. Dennis' previous books include Discovering God: Exploring the possibilities of faith, Organic Discipleship, and Members of One Another: How to build a biblical ethos into your church.