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Christian Parenting

A Relational Approach

84 pages
New Paradigm Publishing

What does Scripture teach about parenting?

What insights can we gain from science?

Bible teacher and grandparent, Dennis McCallum has taught multiple courses on parenting over his fifty years in ministry. Here, McCallum offers the crux of his courses on the subject. The relational approach stresses relationship as the key to successful parenting. Come here to learn good ideas for:

  • Establishing and nurturing a love relationship beginning with your baby
  • Building on that relationship and winning further influence with toddlers
  • Using your influence to draw your kids to real faith
  • Ideas for building your family ethos during the school years
  • How to anticipate and prepare for the difficulties of the teen years
  • How to keep your family interested in relating even after the kids move out
Author Bio
Dennis McCallum is a pastor and father of three. His kids are all grown and married with successful families of their own. Most importantly, they are all following God. In addition to studying family counseling in seminary, McCallum focused his ministry on discipling young people. He did research in family counseling and parenting during four sabbaticals over his fifty years in ministry. After each time of study, he taught another class on Christian Parenting.