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The Kingfisher and the Crow

336 pages
Bookpress Publishing

Freshman Congressman Jerry Sharpe suspects Mildred Hawthorne murdered his mother. In Washington, D.C., his rage boils over and he embarks on an insidious campaign to destroy her. It starts with the gruesome murder of Mildred's oldest son, and then, a brutal double homicide of her other children. Each murder brings Sharpe closer to his goal—making Hawthorne suffer as he did nearly thirty years ago when he found his mother lifeless in the bathtub.

Disgraced reporter Skylar Nicholson, crime correspondent for The Thread, a digital newspaper in the beltway, catches the scent of Sharpe's intentions. The story of a Congressman on a murderous rampage could capture the city's imagination-- and save her career-- but is diving into the middle of this violent family feud worth the risk?

In a confrontation where one party is blinded by revenge and the other clutches to secrets about identity and a life never lived, the final battle is destined to inflict maximum damage.

Author Bio
Peter Marino has been serving as the CEO of Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island for nearly ten years and has worked for a number of elected officials over his career. When he isn’t navigating Rhode Island’s State House and countless fundraisers to drive his health care agenda, you can find him on the water with a rod and reel. With more than thirty years of political and executive experience, Pete has managed to forge an interest in writing about the misdeeds of rather questionable characters. It keeps his mind off those he meets in real life. Mr. Marino holds a BS in public administration and political science from James Madison University and a MPA from the Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University. He enjoys living in Providence, Rhode Island with his family.When he isn’t writing or thinking about writing, Tim Diaz is the Executive Director of Meals on Wheels of Rockingham County in southeastern New Hampshire. He came to this position after a sudden desire for a career change ended his 20-year run in the footwear, apparel, and craft beer businesses. This book is part of his ongoing rehabilitation. Mr. Diaz holds a BA from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from Northeastern University. He makes his home on the coast of New Hampshire with his wife and family.