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The Sorry Seeds

32 pages
Gnome Road Publishing

Saying the words "I'm sorry" isn't always easy and sometimes words alone don't feel like enough. But with a courageous heart, finding a way to ask for forgiveness can make even rotten feelings grow into something sweet.

This uplifting story explores the feelings that come with making mistakes, owning them, and learning how to ask others for forgiveness. When first-grader Courtney is caught taking an apple from her neighbor's tree without permission, she wonders how she can make things right again and apologize in a way that shows how she feels in her heart. And since her neighbor is also her teacher, she will have to figure it out by morning. Tossing and turning throughout the night, Courtney realizes it's not always easy to find a way to authentically say she's sorry to someone she cares about. Fortunately, an idea takes root and gives Courtney the courage to bring an apology to fruition.

With illustrations that reflect the warmth and emotional depth of the story, young readers will look to this book as a reminder of the power within themselves to make positive choices even when it feels hard to do so. It's an excellent tool for caregivers and educators to open a discussion on making mistakes and asking for forgiveness, and will be a welcome addition to any library or classroom collection.

Author Bio
Bong Hyun Shin is an illustrator born and raised in South Korea, with a background in Architecture and Interior Design. She is based in Seattle living with her husband, two children and a dog. She loves to use various techniques, textures, and vibrant colors, and keeps testing out different materials for continuous improvement. Bong Hyun enjoys drawing cute and humorous characters, and displaying their emotions. She draws funny and child-like facial expressions for viewers to better understand a child's perspective. She wants children to kindle their imaginations with her art. When she is not drawing, she can be found reading, cooking, walking and playing with her adorable dog Bella. Connect with her at www.bonghyun-shin.com.

Tina Shepardson is an award-winning, retired teacher of 33 years who now delights, educates, and inspires children by writing children's books. Her literary journey began at 8, crafting booklets with crinkled paper, crayons, yarn, and a hole puncher. Author of "Walkout" (Spork) she hosts the Lil' Leaders Podcast, celebrating young leaders and literacy by interviewing kids about their experiences in the hopes of impacting others. Tina volunteers with the Book Buddy Program, enhancing students' literacy skills. When not writing, this winter enthusiast enjoys watching snowstorms at her home outside Syracuse, New York and in the Catskills with her family and two Akitas by her side. Discover more at www.TinaShepardson.com.