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My Piano

32 pages
Gnome Road Publishing

"A fantastic music read-aloud to showcase pianos and performances, and maybe inspire some students to prepare for their own recitals.'" ~ School Library Journal

These are the pedals, pressed down to the ground,

under the soundboard where bridges are bound

fixed to the frame enclosed in the case

that lies on the legs with wheels at their base,

to pillar and prop my piano.

Explore the workings of a grand piano through the eyes of a young musician as she prepares for and performs her first recital to a crowd of friendly faces. Using lyrical text and a cumulative structure to introduce the instrument, curious readers will easily develop an appreciation for its beauty and design. But be sure to stick around for the performance, where the music will swell - ripple - flow - up to the very end of the show.

An adorable main character and richly colored spreads will have readers everywhere applauding and asking for more. This is a great addition for any library, music and performing arts learning center, or home bookshelf!

Author Bio

Jen Fier Jasinski grew up outside of Washington, D.C. and spent most of her childhood exploring creeks and reading books. She has taught special education for more than ten years, where her favorite part of the school day continues to be Story Time. Jen enjoys spending time with her spouse and kids in the Fairfax County, Virginia area, reading, and playing outside. Her favorite days are when she gets to do all three. Her extra favorite days include cake. Connect with Jen at https://www.jenfierjasinski.com.

Anita is a self-taught freelance illustrator, living in Dorset, the sunniest part of the United Kingdom. Her days are mostly about her neurodiverse family, creating and reading children's books, drinking coffee and raising awareness about climate emergency. ? With her quirky, whimsical illustrations she loves creating mood, telling stories with heart and important messages, stories that spark further conversations, deeper thoughts, and positive change. She is determined to add her art to missing voices, to help children become more confident in finding their own voices. Connect with Anita at https://www.anitabagdi.com.