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Love Will Turn You Around

32 pages
Gnome Road Publishing

Some days everything seems wrong, and life can make you feel . . . bent out of shape.

In Love Will Turn You Around, readers are reminded of the power of friendship and positivity to turn a frown upside down and make things right again. Kids are encouraged to persevere during difficult times as they witness Heart's determination to overcome his struggles to fit in with the other shapes. Cheers are sure to follow as Heart remembers what matters most and embraces the strength within to turn things around not only for himself, but others, too.

With bright, engaging illustrations that showcase primary and secondary colors and a text that cleverly introduces basic shape properties, Love Will Turn You Around is the perfect addition to preschool and elementary classrooms and libraries.

Author Bio
Mary Munson is a special education preschool teacher with experience spanning two decades. She teaches in an integrated magnet school serving children from two to five years of age. Mary has always developed creative curricula to teach math and science to young children and now brings that expertise to children’s picture books. Being mindful of children’s social-emotional development, Mary combines themes of love and kindness with basic early childhood skills. Mary also serves as the Nutritional Science Liaison at her school, teaching young children about the importance of healthy foods and gardening. When she is not writing or teaching, she enjoys being in the mountains with her family, and taking long walks with her wolfhound, Zoshia.Kate Talbot is an Australian writer and illustrator, currently living in New Zealand. Working digitally, she loves creating expressive characters, full of colour. She firmly believes that instilling a love of books in young readers, can turn the world around.