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Bedtime with Mozart and Other Greats

Press and Listen!

10 pages
Cali's Books

Music on every page!

Children go through their bedtime routine with the help of gentle classical music. Excerpts from six magical melodies accompany text and illustrations to trace steps from putting on pajamas to snuggling into bed. A wonderfully relaxing end to the day.

Songs include:

  • Sonata, Mozart
  • Nocturne, Chopin
  • Gymnopedie, Satie
  • Lullaby, Brahms
  • Suite No. 3, Bach
  • Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven

About the Series
Cali’s Books is an interactive series dedicated to stimulating children’s development through words and music. Using sound button technology, children press to listen to classics songs while developing fine motor skills and learning to love books. Each board book features six songs with lyrics and music on every page.