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The Power of Self

How insight and self-awareness lead to your authentic self

168 pages
Bookpress Publishing

Who are you? Three simple words—one very deep question. Knowing who you are and being able to express this true self to the world, is a very rare gift. The Power of Self is designed and written in such a way that will allow you to explore who you are, gain deep insight about yourself (possibly for the first time in your life), and, most importantly, provide you with the means and ability to express yourself in a truly self-aware and authentic manner. In short, this book will help provide you with the knowledge and understanding that will allow you to fully answer the question, “Who are you?”

The Power of Self accomplishes this seemingly impossible task by first instructing you on what it takes to gather, organize, and reflect through a series of lessons, learnings, and insights. From this point, and through the completion of multiple exercises, assessments, and reflections that are based upon the book's three pillars of Self-Knowledge, Self-Concept, and Self-Understanding, you will be better equipped (and able) to identify, formulate, and demonstrate to the world who you truly are.

Author Bio
Keith Floyd, EdD, is the founder and president of iNVISION Group LSG, a leadership services group founded in 2013. iNVISION Group LSG is a full-service leadership development consultancy focused on coaching, training, planning, and analytics services with clients both regionally and nationally. Prior to founding iNVISION Group LSG, Dr. Floyd held multiple educational leadership positions ranging from dean of students up and through director of curriculum, instruction & assessment, and assistant superintendent for nearly 20 years of his 25-year educational career. His educational career began as an elementary music teacher and assistant high school band director. Keith resides outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his wife Terrie, their dog Luca, and their cat Piper, and is the proud father to four adult children.