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Joni's Wish

32 pages
Bookpress Publishing
It was finally the big day, and Joni was about to get her first bicycle. But when Joni found out her neighbor Carl could not ride with her, it made her quite sad. Joni continued hoping that Carl would one day be able to ride a bike with her. Unbeknownst to Joni, someone heard about her wish, and it was granted!
Author Bio

Growing up, Jon would read anything he could get his hands on. He always envisioned himself writing his own book one day. As an analytical thinker, books were a place his imagination could run free. Jon sees parallels from his childhood which has driven him to where he is today. Jon works in the financial industry, remains active, and is involved with children's charities around the Des Moines, IA, area.

Jon believes every child deserves a chance and it is because of this belief that he continues to find ways to be involved with philanthropic efforts. When the world changed due to a global pandemic, it was then that Jon decided to make his dream a reality and become an author. He hopes one day his book may inspire someone as he felt when he was a child.

Candace lives in Des Moines, Iowa, where she writes and creates artwork in her attic studio. She lives with her family, including two naughty cats. She earned a BFA in illustration and digital media from Kendall College of Art & Design