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CEO Lifelines

Climb On: Exceptional Habits of Elite Companies

Salvatore D. Fazzolari Dustin S. Klein

384 pages
Smart Business Network LLC
What specifically makes a company elite? More importantly, how do you build and sustain an organization. Salvatore Fazzolari draws upon four decades of leadership experience to describe how extraordinary companies follow an innovative management framework to achieve and sustain elite status. In CEO Lifelines--Climb On: Exceptional Habits of Elite Companies, he outlines four foundational pillars--an exceptional strategy, superb execution capabilities, an extraordinary leadership team, and understanding the luck spread--and discusses how these pillars are expanded into the lifelines leadership framework. He further explains that the pillars and lifelines framework represent high-level principles implemented through 102 exceptional habits--the building blocks necessary to sustain an elite company. Salvatore offers a practical guide focused on helping leaders implement the exceptional habits required of elite leaders, companies, and boards of directors. Whether you are a professional manager, business leader, newly appointed CEO, CEO of a family or privately-owned company, or even an MBA student, in CEO Lifelines--Climb On, you'll learn why this management framework is all you need to get your mind focused on ascending the ultimate summit, where the air is thin and where only the elite can successfully climb.
Author Bio
Dustin S. Klein grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, where he currently lives with his wife, Laura, and children, Sam, Cole and Mollie. A rabid baseball fan, Dustin is the Publisher & Chief Operating Officer for Smart Business, a national media organization that provides insight, advice and strategy to CEOs and entrepreneurs. He has authored or co-authored six books - Lost in the Shadows, The Benevolent Dictator, Stella's Way, The Unexpected (April 2015), Undaunted (September 2015), and Changing Direction (October 2016). Three of these books have become bestsellers, including two Amazon #1 Best Sellers (The Benevolent Dictator; Undaunted), and one Amazon Top 10 Best Seller (The Unexpected). Dustin has helped more than 30 CEOs and entrepreneurs transform their ideas into books, including as the co-author and editor of numerous Amazon bestsellers: #1 bestseller "The Benevolent Dictator"; Top 10 bestseller, "The Unexpected"; and Top 100 bestsellers "Manufacturing with Heart", "Accelerate Your Impact", "Limping on Water," and others. An award-winning journalist, over the past three decades Dustin has interviewed more than a thousand of the world's top CEOs, entrepreneurs and civic leaders.Salvatore D. Fazzolari is the founder and CEO of Salvatore Fazzolari Advisors LLC. He has held numerous senior management positions and has broad-based professional experience in management advisory, board service, private equity, writing, mentoring, and public speaking that spans four decades.He is currently a board member of RPM International Inc.; OrangeHook, Inc.; Gannett Fleming Affiliates Inc.; and Bollman Hat Company. He serves as an Advisory Board Member of private equity firm Current Capital LLC, and is a member of the Senior Advisory Council of private equity firm AEA Investors LP. Salvatore is the former chairman, president, and CEO of Harsco Corporation.The author of CEO Lifelines: Nine Commitments Every Leader Must Make (2014), Salvatore has published several articles and essays, and is acknowledged by Jim Collins in two books: Great by Choice and How the Mighty Fall. He is currently working on a third book on Italian cuisine and culture.