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War In The Wasteland

Douglas Elwood Bond

282 pages
Inkblots Press
Nigel Hopkins finds himself in the trenches of World War I under the command of a teenage atheist, Second Lieutenant C.S Lewis. Nigel and his war dog must learn the source of true courage while facing a desperate enemy in No Man's Land in the final offensive of the war. Meanwhile, underage WAAC Elsie Fleming, working at the field hospital in Etaples, will have her idealism about war challenged by brutal realities she sees in the broken men who return from the front and the many who never return.
Author Bio
Douglas Elwood is a blessed husband and father of six, author of 25 books, a hymn writer, and an award-winning teacher. He speaks at churches, schools, and conferences, directs the Oxford Creative Writing Class, and leads church history tours, including an armistice tour of the western front, the setting for War in the Wasteland. Find out more at www.bondbooks.net