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Little Frog and the Spring Polliwogs

32 pages
WunderMill Publishing Group
Little Frog — the feisty young heroine of Little Frog and the Scary Autumn Thing is on a new adventure. This time she's trying to stay a jump, or rather a lily pad, ahead of the spring polliwogs (brothers, sisters, and cousins of hers). They are SO much trouble. And because Little Frog likes being an "Only Frog," the tadpoles (as she's supposed to call them) just get in the way she. Little Frog is totally out of sorts.

But when that pollywog trouble becomes nothing compared to a real threat--boys with nets!!! — Little Frog has to remember all that she's been taught in order to save the tadpoles from disaster.

This charmer of a sequel is by multi-award winning author Jane Yolen, author of On Bird Hill, OWL MOON and the HOW DO DINOSAURS books. The wonderful spring palette and adorable pictures are by illustrator of the first Little Frog, Ellen Shi.
Author Bio
Jane Yolen has authored more than 350 books including the Caldecott-winning Owl Moon, and the New York Times bestselling series How Do Dinosaurs. Jane's books have been translated into over 20 languages and are popular around the world.  Ellen Shi grew up in the great state of New Jersey and recently graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design majoring in Illustration. She loves color, simple shapes and texture. Ellen is also an avid fan of nature, film, and books. When not drawing or painting, you will probably find her with her nose in a book.