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Reclaim Your Story

Renew Your Health and Wellness Through the Power of Storytelling

288 pages
August Learning Solutions
Storytelling is a powerful tool that has been used through the ages. It can be used to teach the next generation what to avoid and how to be successful and to warn of errors of the past. It can be leveraged to prevent repeat failures or shared to rouse joy, wonder, and hope. Our ancestors drew pictures on walls to tell a story, elders told bedtime yarns to babes, pen was put to paper in fables that were written to entertain us with embedded morals. Storytelling is interwoven in our human nature to impart wisdom. In this book we analyze the power of storytelling within ourselves to support a journey to wellness. This book shows you how to set the stage and Reclaim Your Story.
Author Bio
Dr. Carrie Jarosinski is a registered nurse, wellness coach, educator, inspirational speaker, and author of Reclaim Your Story: Renew Your Health and Wellness through the Power of Storytelling and the Nursing Assistant textbook educational series. She lives in Wisconsin with her two furry companions, Winn and Xena. She likes to hike, explore, meet new people, laugh, and continuously build upon her pollinator garden in her free time.