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Finding Home

Mile Markers Among the World Religions

Russell H. Bowers Jr.

336 pages
Deep River Books Llc

Religion has migrated from sidelines to center stage. Stereotypical news images and soundbites do not advance understanding. It is time to listen carefully to our neighbors. Finding Home aids the process. It opens our neighbors' scriptures, allowing them to say what they want to say, how they want to say it. Advocates of any cause value non-adherents willing to consider their ideas in this way. Thoughtful hearers can then decide what, if anything, they find useful. 

Those desiring an audience must themselves listen. Truth risks nothing from being questioned. At the least, dialoguers understand each other better. This book is for materialist, agnostic, believer; Daoist, Christian, Native American; the questioning, the committed, the curious.

Author Bio

Russ Bowers enjoyed science in high school, but dropped plans to pursue a career in chemistry to think theology instead. After marrying Glenna, he pastored two US churches, completed a PhD (Dallas Theological Seminary), oversaw Christian leadership development in Cambodia, taught theology in Singapore, and then taught world religions in the United States. He has presented papers on interreligious dialogue and Buddhist-Christian topics for fora in Thailand, Cambodia, and the United States. Honeycomb, the Khmer-English journal Russ founded, was lauded as opening "a new era for theological work in Cambodia." Russ and Glenna currently reside in Texas.