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House and Home

Reproducible Thematic Unit in Italian with English Directions

Valery Levy

33 pages
Proficiency Press
House and Home Thematic Unit in Italian with English directions is comprised of novice-level activities, emphasizing real-life situations in which students interact in the target language addressing twenty first century skills for second language acquisition. The chapter includes listening, speaking, reading, writing, puzzles, and authentic scenarios. A teacher’s reference core vocabulary for each unit, andsuggested class fun activities are also added. Aligning our materials to the Common Core Standards through The Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century, one or more of the three modes ofcommunication: Interpersonal, Interpretive or Presentational, is indicated for each activity accompanied by the National Standard/s utilized in the activity.
Author Bio
Italian Teacher and author of Proficiency Press e chapters in Italian.