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Gospel Grit

What Jesus Showed Us and Told Us While Backpacking Homeless

Randy Butler

256 pages
Deep River Books Llc
What was it like to literally follow Jesus? Often we read what Jesus said, but don't stop to see what He did. Pastor Randy Butler, in his often humorous, down-to-earth manner, helps us catch a fresh vision of what it must have been like to actually follow Christ. Gospel Grit is a call to cultivate the simplicity of trust and obedience in our own following. This book fires our imagination: What might have taken place around the campfire with Jesus? What could have been discussed while walking down a dust-plagued road outside of Jerusalem? What would Jesus and the disciples have discussed after a day of boating? Dr. Butler takes us through the Gospels examining the 731 statements that reflect either what Jesus showed us or told us. As we go through this book, we see a thirty-year-old carpenter who exchanged careers for a job that paid nothing for the remaining three years of His life; We see Him dodging in and out of crowds teaching, preaching, healing, and helping people, while at the same time relying on twelve guys to carefully watch what He showed them and listen to what He told them-so that years later, they would remember those special three years and accurately write down their memories. Dr. Butler believes these statements in the Gospels are for us, today-and we can accept the challenge to become more authentic followers of Him, living the real Gospel Grit.
Author Bio
Randy Butler (author of Reclaiming Heaven's Covenant, Deep River Books, 2011 and Forecasting Temptation, Deep River Books 2012), holds a BA in Religion, and a Masters of Divinity from Western Evangelical Seminary, along with a Doctor of Ministry from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. He has been a Pastor at Salem Evangelical Church for 27 years in Keizer, Oregon where he lives with his wife Joanie.