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Yochanan (John) Presents the Revelation of Yeshua the Messiah

A Messianic Commentary

Gabriel Lumbroso

232 pages
Messianic Jewish Pub & Res Llc
“Reading Revelation through genuine Jewish eyes is like watching TV in color for the first time.” The Book of Revelation is perhaps the most mysterious, difficult-to-understand book in all of the Bible. By imagining what was in Yochahan’s mind as he interacted with the words of the Master, Messiah Yeshua, Rabbi Lumbroso has opened up the Book of the Revelation.
Author Bio
Patrick Gabriel Lumbroso was born of a Sephardic Jewish family in Paris, France, in 1958. Bar Mitzvahed in 1973 at Jerusalem's Western Wall, he made aliyah a year later and he continued his studies as an intern in a school for new emigrants near Ashkelon. Patrick now resides in the U.S. where he runs a small Jewish Messianic Congregation, teaches youth in home schools, is a Hebrew instructor, and lectures on Messianic Judaism.