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Jesus Never Said to Plant Churches

And other things they never told me about church planting

Trinity Jordan

256 pages
General Council of The Assemblies of God
Church planting is hard. Very hard. No, extremely hard. But no one ever told that to Trinity Jordan when he and his wife set out to plant Elevation Church fifteen miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah. What started with three families and a dog named Carson meeting in a house has now grown into multiple house churches and two public gathering locations, with more being developed. But those early days (well, even the current ones, too) would not have been so tough had Trinity been forewarned and well-armed to face the challenges ahead. A new generation of church leaders have begun planting churches in droves and at breakneck speed, which is wonderful in and of itself, but with this movement comes the need to understand all the pitfalls, hurdles, and challenges often overlooked. Jesus Never Said to Plant Churches reveals the secrets on church planting so leaders will have the insight and confidence to complete their mission to see God’s glory reflected in changed lives.
Author Bio
Trinity Jordan is the Lead Pastor and founder of Elevation Church in Layton, Utah. He is a frequent speaker at church-planting events, college campuses, and at churches around the world. Trinity has been the host of a television pilot series and is involved with producing feature films. He is a gifted communicator, creative thinker, and passionate about seeing people follow Jesus. He lives in Utah with his wife, Ami, and their two young daughters.