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The Origin Is Pure

Finding the Divine Within

Miao Tsan

237 pages
Bright Sky Press
In The Origin Is Pure, Venerable Master Miao Tsan of the Vairocano Zen Monastery uses traditional Zen koans to reveal how to live in accordance with the nature of the Mind. He clarifies common misunderstandings about religious teaching and provides readers with specific ways to create positive spirits and peaceful daily lives. In the past, life centered around cultural, moral and religious notions that varied from region to region. Today, power and products define contemporary success, and many people find their feelings and ideas dictated by interactions with the world around them. They have lost their connection to the infinite creative force, the divine within. As globalization and the flood of information accelerate the breakdown of traditional systems, ego becomes the true God-or the true Buddha. People perceive reality in terms of "inner" and "outer," and this dualistic approach to life creates problems for the individual, for groups and even for nations. With insight gleaned from the wisdom tradition of Zen and many other philosophical disciplines, Master Miao Tsan explains to readers of all religions that it is only by inwardly breaking through the ego that we can truly access our ability to change.
Author Bio
MASTER MIAO TSAN, the abbot of Vairocana Zen Monastery in Garden Grove, California, has conducted hundreds of meditation courses as well as several Zen-Seven and Zen-Three retreats in the United States, Mexico and Taiwan. He lectures extensively and has given meditation courses and interviews at the University of Texas, the Texas Medical Center, Purdue University and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. He has a large, devoted following in both Asia and the West. In Just Use This Mind, he shares the essence of the collected wisdom of Zen masters reaching back to the original Buddha. Once you embark on the path he puts forth here, you have found the way to live the life of joy you were born to experience, no matter what your circumstances currently are.