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Kabbalah Vol 46

Journal for the Study of Mystical Texts

Daniel Abrams

316 pages
Cherub Press

Studies in English

Elliot Wolfson: Malkhut de-Ein Sof and the Temporalization of Space Simsum in the Teaching of Solomon ben Hayyim Eliashiv

Daniel Abrams: Kabbalistic Aphorisms and Other Short Literary Forms in Jewish Esotericism

Daniel Abrams: Prolegomenon to a New Edition of the Book Bahir - Editorial Practice in the Presentation of Ms. Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek 209: An Essay on Method

Studies in English

Eliezer Baumgarten: Yishaq Hariri and Lurianic Kabbalah in Kurdistan

Uri Safrai: R. Haim Vital's Sermon from Jerusalem on the Coming of the Messiah

Eli Gurfinkel: 'Gates of Mercy': A Philosophical and Kabbalistic Commentary on Maimonides' Thirteen Principles of Faith

Roee Goldschmidt: From Byzantium to Eastern Europe: The Textual Versions of Sefer ha-Temuna and Their Circulation in Manuscript and Print

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