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Reflections of God’s Grace in Grief

Faythelma Bechtel

228 pages
Vision Publishers Llc
Where do you go when your heart is breaking, when your life is crushed with loses that can never be replaced here on earth? Where do you go to find comfort and strength to make it through the lonely days and wearisome nights? Where do you find light to guide you through the dark valley of the shadow of death? God and His Word supply the comfort, strength, courage, and light to keep on living when life makes no sense. This book is for those who have lost or for those who desire to relate to one dealing with grief. These meditations were written out of the author's own experience of three loses in five years and adjusting to a "new normal" of living.
Author Bio
Faythelma Bechtel and her husband raised four biological and five adopted children. They also did foster care for more than 25 children.About 1968, she began writing for magazines and Sunday school papers. Some of the books she has written are God's Marvelous Gifts, Christian Ethics for Youth, School Days Devotional Praise, Sharpen Up, I Will Pass Over You, and Speedy Spanish.