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What Shall the Redeemed Wear?

Simon Schrock

Vision Publishers Llc
You're not wearing that, are you? Such questions often lead into quarrelsome conflicts. Dad wants his son to look more decent and Mom is not happy with her daughter's wardrobe. One way to stir up strife is to register a concern about immodesty and indecency. The conflict is fueled by those who say God doesn't care how you dress. He looks on the heart, not the outward appearance. Is that really what the Bible teaches? Is it true that God doesn't care how His redeemed children dress themselves? What does the Bible say about appearance? This book has served many through personal studies and group studies. Every preacher and Bible teacher could benefit from this book.
Author Bio
Simon Schrock, president of Choice Books of Northern Virginia, is an ordained minister, speaker, and writer. His books address the issues of the day, calling readers to apply biblical principles to their lives. Don't Throw in the Towel is one of eight books he has authored.