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Æsop’s Fables

Here and Now

Everett Anderson Judd Robbins

230 pages
Presentation Dynamics LLC

Æsop's Fables - Here and Now brings common sense and humor to the 21st Century. The author deftly weaves into his stories and commentary an exploration of the Facts of Life – meaning truth is universal and applies to everyone at all times; … what did you think it meant? …. Well, sure, that too. Æsop's original stories chose cute and perceptive animals to represent and inspire people in cute and perceptive stories. In like manner, our author, Æverett Anderson, blends humor, personal reflections and interpersonal observations from his multifarious years to convey his message in an entertaining, homespun, breezy manner.

A book for all ages. The catalyst for the book was the author's desire to pass on, without rejection, the wisdom of the ages to his grandchildren, but the finished manuscript has found heartfelt (amen!) appeal to readers of all ages. The stories from the past and present and their inevitable conclusion have hit a responsive chord across generations; how could it not with Aesop as its guru. For teenagers, the book is a script for successful living. For parents, it is a welcome lesson plan and guide in their child's development. And for grand folks, it is a nostalgic journey and the answer to the eternal question, “What memorable, life impacting present can I give my favorite school child on their graduation?”

Fundamental themes in life remain the same. Æverett draws apt stories from real life, fiction, and assorted philosophers, here and then, to pass on basic truths. Each chapter focuses on a different area of interest, from coronavirus and health concerns, to sex, love, God, death, horses, and more – topics that occupy so much of our daily effort. Æsop's Fables – Here and Now is an entertaining, thought provoking, reminiscent read.

Author Bio
Æverett (Everett) Anderson was sired many moons ago and reared on a Texas Gulf Coast rice farm and ranch. That is likely the reason he dusts his writings and conversations with earthy references to farming and livestock (think roosters and hens rather than birds and bees). He graduated sans laude from Trinity University (San Antonio). He has no literary awards or honorable mentions, although he did receive plaudits for his minutes as secretary of the men’s dorm association in college. Mr. Anderson is a dogged optimist, which makes him a rare exception in the farming community where decades of drought, floods, storms, weeds, disease, and market crashes breed justifiable pessimism in the less obtuse. Upon maturity (his opinion) he put his hand to an assortment of ventures, mostly agricultural related, with a nearly 50% success ratio. Those ventures included the aforesaid farming and ranching and forays in rice drying and storage, laser surveying, aggregate mining, trucking, land trading and development, and design and manufacture of farm equipment. This disparate background qualified him to be a four decade, international agricultural consultant for rice projects in West Africa. His “international agricultural consultancy” has been more a euphemism for “unemployed” than a successful career. The farm equipment stage resulted in two U.S. patents for farm equipment design. Royalties from these patents easily financed two cups of coffee. It is anticipated that proceeds from this book has the potential to double that return. Æverett and his wife of 55 years, Linda, have three exceptional (again, his opinion) daughters and eight extraordinary (ditto) granddaughters. The emergence of these grandchildren posed the question for the author, “How can he communicate to them, without rejection, life’s pitfalls and lessons?” That question was the catalyst for this book. Judd Robbins has been an internationally recognized author and editor since 1980. He has also been an expert witness on computer and fitness subjects since 1986 in the US and in the UK. Further, he has testified in State and Federal courts and has been featured as a testifying computer forensics expert on MSNBC, Court TV, and Tech TV. His cases range widely from intellectual property infringement to murder to fitness club accidents. He has been a best-selling author and has written more than 30 books on computer, legal, and fitness subjects. Robbins has advanced degrees from UC Berkeley and the University of Michigan, has been an Information Systems manager and an Education Systems manager, and consults and trains in computer, fitness, and legal issues.