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Heaps of GAMSAT Sample Questions

10 Full-length Practice Tests for the GAMSAT

Brett Ferdinand

508 pages
Ruveneco Inc

This brand new product includes our current Gold Standard GAMSAT mock exams labelled GS-1, GS-2, GS-3, GS-4, GS-5 (HEAPS-5), GS-6 (HEAPS-1), GS-7, as well as 3 mock exams from MediRed: MR-1, MR-2 and MR-3.

Five GAMSAT practice papers are in the book, and five are online (accessed with a PIN included in each book). Online access also includes answers and worked solutions for all 10 exams and is continuous for 1 year.

Author Bio
Dr. Brett Ferdinand was awarded numerous scholarships en route to graduating with honors in a B.Sc. program. Years ago, confident that he would one day be a doctor fulfilled his passion for teaching by creating The Medical School Preparatory Course (MSPC), which has become a perennial lecture series through MCAT-prep.com. The course was the first to teach both the MCAT and the details of the admissions process. After excelling at the MCAT, Dr. Brett Ferdinand was accepted by all the medical schools to which he applied. During medical school he continued to teach and then completed: The Gold Standard textbook. The book received distribution throughout North America and instantly became one of the best selling study guides. So far Dr. Brett Ferdinand has created a multimedia educational program for the MCAT and GAMSAT (graduate entry medicine) which includes books, DVDs, MP3s, flashcards and practice online tests. He is currently working on creating the same experience for students who are planning on taking the DAT. Today, Dr. Brett Ferdinand is known as a dynamic lecturer on the admissions process, and the basic sciences for the MCAT. He is well known for making difficult concepts easy to understand. Over the years, he has lectured to thousands of pre-medical students and reached thousands more through his books and now through online interactive programs.