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Wheat in the Winepress

How the Story of Gideon Can Help Us Fight the Good Fight Today

Bob Hext

356 pages
Malcolm Down Publishing Ltd
This book is about winning battles, just as Gideon won his. Our battles may be personal, and we may be involved, knowingly or not, in wider battles that rage over a church, a city, or even a nation; but we are called, like Timothy, to ‘fight the good fight of faith’. Wheat in the Winepress is an in-depth study of Gideon to show how we can be victorious in our battles today. Bob Hext shows us what it means for even the least among us to fight and win. We learn what it is to be transformed from worrier to warrior. We learn that victory, and leadership, are not about strength, ability and numbers, but about faith, obedience and anointing. And we certainly learn how not to be deceived by appearances.
Author Bio
Bob Hext ======== Bob Hext leads the prophetic ministry at Wildwood Church, a Christ Central (New Frontiers) church in Stafford, England, where he is on the preaching and worship teams. He used to be an English teacher, and now runs a business with his wife Anne, supplying resources to support people with dyslexia.