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Winter Tales

Selected Short Stories

Kenneth Steven

144 pages
SPCK Group

Elemental, timeless stories, set in Italy, Finland, Ireland, Russia, Germany, Scotland and America, reveal the impact the seasons can have on our inner being

Although each is complete in itself, these beautifully crafted tales contain recurring motifs so our understanding of one is enriched by the reading of others. The perspectives shift mesmerizingly as layer upon layer of human experience is uncovered. Ambiguity, mystery and spiritual searching abound, as the author meditates on many of the themes found in his highly acclaimed poetry: betrayal, lostness, bullying, the miraculous, faith and the power of love.

Author Bio
Kenneth Steven ==============

Kenneth Steven is a poet and children's book author. He grew upin Highland Perthshire in the heart of Scotland, and now lives in Argyllon the country’s west coast. He is the author of Blessings for Your Baptism, The Biggest Thing in the World, Imagining Things, and Stories for a Fragile Planet.