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Handbook of Focal Therapy for Prostate and Renal Cancer

Truls Bjerklund Johansen Damian Greene David J Breen Vladimir Mouraviev

456 pages
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Prostate cancer is the commonest cancer in men. Current treatments include surgery to remove the whole prostate or radiotherapy of the whole prostate. These radical treatments can treat the cancer effectively but often cause unwanted side effects.

Meanwhile widespread screening with prostate-specific antigen has led to an increased diagnosis of localised prostate cancer; at the same time, widespread use of abdominal imaging has led to increased detection of renal masses. In response to demand for improved outcomes with reduced side effects, focal therapy has emerged as an important procedure in managing both prostate and renal cancers. It targets individual areas of cancer, reducing unwanted side effects and the amount of damage to collateral tissue. This new method of treatment has major advantages: it involves less radiation, the removal of less tissue and less time spent in hospital.

Handbook of Focal Therapy for Prostate and Renal Cancer provides a comprehensive, timely review of targeted ablation methods to treat prostate and renal cancers. It describes the most effective techniques in current practice, with discussion of the selection criteria, ablation technologies and their limitations, and advice on the management of common side effects. The book opens with a summary of the principles of prostate and renal cancer treatment and the mechanisms of focal therapy. Separate sections on prostate and kidney follow, covering the role of focal therapy, side effects and their treatment and follow-up after targeted ablation.

Written in a practical, clinically-oriented style, Handbook of Focal Therapy for Prostate and Renal Cancer is the ideal reference for urologists, radiologists and radiation oncologists wishing to employ the latest focal therapy techniques in the care of their patients.

Author Bio

Truls Bjerklund Johansen, MD DMSci
Professor of Urology, University of Oslo, Norway; Adj. Ass. Prof of Experimental Urological Surgery, University of Aarhus, Denmark; Consultant Urological Surgeon, Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Damian Greene, MCh FRCS (Urol) DG
Consultant Urological Surgeon and Visiting Professor, Sunderland Royal University Hospital, Sunderland, UK

David J. Breen, MRCP, FRCR
Consultant Abdominal Radiologist, University Hospital of Southampton, Southampton, UK

Vladimir Mouraviev, MD, PhD
Director of Clinical Research, Associated Medical Professionals of New York, Syracuse, NY, USA