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Forty-Six Quid and a Bag of Dirty Washing

Free at last! But staying out of prison isn’t always easy…

Andy Croft

96 pages
SPCK Group

Barry is looking forward to his first weekend out of prison. Free at last!

He has nothing to lose but his £46 discharge grant, a bag of dirty washing, and all the promises he has made to himself when he was inside . . .

If you enjoy this book, you can find out what happens to Barry next in the sequel, Bare Freedom.

This page-turning story is part of the Diffusion books range, written especially for teenagers and adults who want to improve their reading skills.

Easy-to-read, with short chapters, the books in the series enable learners to improve their reading confidence and tackle longer stories. They are also a brilliant choice for anyone learning English as an additional language.

The books also include discussion and reflection questions that help readers to understand the story and to reflect on their own lives and relationships.

Buying this book will support our project to help people in prison improve both their reading skills and their life chances. To find out more visit https://spckpublishing.co.uk/diffusion-books

Author Bio

Andy Croft has written or edited over 80 books and has worked as a writer-in-residence in several prisons. He is the author of Bare Freedom, also published by Diffusion.