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Rosemary Haigh Patricia Dr Lennon

28 pages
Proficiency Press
The Education Reproducible Thematic Unit inFrench with English directions is comprisedof novice-level activities, emphasizingreal-life situations in which students interactin the target language, addressingtwenty-first century skills in second languageacquisition. They include listening, speaking,reading, writing, puzzles, and authenticscenarios. A teacher?s reference core vocabularyfor each unit, and suggested class funactivities are also added. Aligning the materialin this ebook to the Common Core Standardsthrough The Standards for Foreign LanguageLearning in the 21st Century, one or more ofthe three modes of communication: Interpersonal, Interpretive or Presentational, isindicated for each activity accompanied by theNational Standard/s utilized in the activity.