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Reproducible Thematic Unit in Spanish with Spanish Directions

Douglas Moore

29 pages
Proficiency Press
The Mealtaking Reproducible Thematic Unit in Spanish with Spanish directions is comprised of novice-level activities, emphasizing real-life situations in which students interact in the target language addressing twenty first century skills for second language acquisition. The chapter includes listening, speaking, reading, writing, puzzles, and authentic scenarios. A teacher’s reference core vocabulary for each unit, and suggested class fun activities are also added. Aligning our materials to the Common Core Standards through The Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century, one or more of the three modes of communication: Interpersonal, Interpretive or Presentational, is indicated for each activity accompanied by the National Standard/s utilized in the activity.
Author Bio
Mr. Douglas Moore (BA in Spanish, MA in Teaching of English as a Second Language, Queens College, and has studied at the University of Valencia, Spain); PD in Educational Leadership; has co-authored Curriculum Guides for the Sewanhaka District and piloted The Exploratory Language Program in Spanish and French for Jericho Public Schools. He has co-authored the Teacher’s Handbook in Spanish, Portfolio Assessment, Te Toca a Ti, Sígueme, Dos Pasos Adelante, Authentic Assessment for the Intermediate Level, It’s Your Turn to Speak English and Internet Tasks for Second Language Students. In addition, he has presented numerous workshops on communicative techniques and on the Internet. Mr. Moore currently teaches junior and senior high school Spanish in the Great Neck South School District. He also has taught Spanish at Suffolk Community College and ESL at BOCES in Nassau County. He is an active member of NYSAFLT, LILT, and AATSP (past treasurer).