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Pain My Companion Irene Howat

Irene Howat

Christian Focus Publications

This little book has much of comfort and interest to say to sufferers from constant or almost constant pain, especially that which is chronic and apparently incurable.

The author writes well and is certainly qualified by her experiences, which include long periods in a wheelchair, times in pain control centres in hospital, and disablement at home.

The book ends with a theological exposition of the whole area of sin, disease, pain and suffering, in a reasoned manner in the light of the gospels. The author's husband Angus is a minister in Campbeltown, Kintyre and she shared some theological training with him at a period in her life. They have three daughters. This is a book to recommend to those totally at a loss to know how to cope with their pain.

Author Bio
Irene Howat is an author and ghost–writer for many different Christian biographies as well as multiple children’s books and biographies. Her writing skills have gained her an award from the Australian book trade and a reputation as a reliable writer for young children.