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The Good Book Guide

Exploring the main themes of the Bible

Rodger Crooks

192 pages
Christian Focus Publications

"If you're not hurting anyone else you can do what you like." "I'm a Christian, I was born one." "Jesus was a good teacher; like Buddha or Mohammed." "I'm a good person, I'll be alright." "God will forgive me, it's his job."

A spiritual traveller will not go far today without being offered these pearls of wisdom. Do these pearls have any value? What is the Christian to make of them? And what does the Bible say?

If we are to be consistent, if we really believe what we say we believe, then we have to get to grips with our faith and what it means for our lives. As we look at our society's morals and its beliefs we can see that to combat its influence we need to be educated in the Bible and it's doctrine. This book has practical applications and helpful illustrations. You will discover where the major points of Christian teaching appear in the Bible, and how these themes come together to make historic, biblical Christianity. Prepared for the new Christian, it makes invigorating reading for us all.