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Influential Women

From the New Testament to today - how women can build up or undermine their local church

Wendy Virgo

224 pages
SPCK Group
Wendy offers studies of key women in the New Testament as a starting point for a series of reflections on women's roles in the church today. Some of these women were saints, full of good works; some were frankly poisonous and did considerable harm. From her long experience within Newfrontiers, Wendy offers a good deal of shrewd advice and writes candidly about her own struggles to fit into church structures. Women can be powerful in a church and can be influential in changing it from a sick community to a healthy one. They can be a tremendous asset or a huge liability. They can influence the whole ambience of a church... The pages of the New Testament contain a surprising number of references to women to whom we can relate as we seek to build good healthy churches in the twenty first century.""
Author Bio
Wendy Virgo is the wife of Terry Virgo. She and her husband are foundermembers of Newfrontiers International, and Wendy has an extensive speaking ministry.