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Keswick Yearbook 2010

Christ-Centred Renewal

Paul Mallard

200 pages
SPCK Group

What one thing do most Christians feel they need, right here, right now? Christ-centred renewal - a longing to 'encounter the living Christ.' Daily, weekly, monthly, without the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives, we struggle and fail. This all-important issue lay right at the heart of the Keswick Convention 2010 and this book brings together the cream of this teaching.

Amongst many other though-provoking studies, Paul Mallard takes us into the early chapters of Revelation and the letters to the churches, and Alistair Begg unpacks the treasures of Romans 8. With teaching from Steve Brady, Derek Burnside, Joe Stowell, Derek Tidball and many more, whether you were there or not, this book will inspire encourage and empower.

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