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Maze Quest

Navigate the Mazes, Complete the Search & Find, Solve the Puzzle Fun

Andy Peters

64 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
This giant-sized, colorful activity pad will keep children of all ages entertained for hours”boredom busting guaranteed! Andy Peters' artwork is instantly appealing, and packed with lots of humorous details for children to spot as they navigate their way through each marvelous maze. As well as mazes, there are all sorts of fun bonus puzzles and mini games, including spot the difference, code-breakers, mazes, number games, word searches, and brain teasers.
Author Bio
Andy Peters gained a degree in graphic design at Hull College of Art, United Kingdom and spent a number of years as a chief design consultant before pursuing his first love, illustration. He lives in England with a wife, who is also his editor, three boys, and a cat with very long legs.