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Treasure Hoards of East Anglia and their Discovery

Mark Mitchels

96 pages
Countryside Books
There are few more heart-stopping moments in life than when the spade you are working with strikes a solid object. You scrape back the soil and there, unmistakably, is the bright glint of gold. Over the years, the fields of East Anglia have brought forth a staggering wealth of treasure from all periods of history, but especially the Roman, Saxon and Viking eras. The finds have been made by people from all walks of life. Many discoveries are of international importance, such as the Mildenhall Treasure, the Sutton Hoo ship burial, and the Hoxne hoard of gold and silver coins and jewellery. This book tells the story of these amazing discoveries and many more, and describes where they can be seen today. There is also information about what steps to take if you make a discovery, and the importance of the Treasure Act 1996.
Author Bio
Mark Mitchels lives in Suffolk and has recently retired from teaching English and History at Woodbridge School. He lectures regularly on aspects of East Anglia’s past, and is author of several books on the region.