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English Churches Explained

Britain's Living History

Trevor Yorke

128 pages
Countryside Books
The local church is a familiar landmark in every village, town and city. The story of its past is the story of the people, down the centuries, who considered the church to be the centre of their community. But how many people actually understand the reason it was built in a particular place, how it was constructed and why it was decorated in such a style? In this informative guide, Trevor Yorke places the period styles of church fabric and decoration into an easy-to-read form that is packed with photographs, drawings and diagrams. His simple but graphic approach will be welcomed by everyone who appreciates that a visit to a church is also a brief journey through time itself. Trevor Yorke’s published books include 'The English Abbey Explained', 'Georgian & Regency Houses Explained' and 'British Architectural Styles'.
Author Bio
Trevor Yorke has established himself as one of Britain’s most popular writers about the country’s past and heritage. His lively style and the detail of his illustrations make his books both readable and collectable.