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Law and the Bible

Justice, Mercy And Legal Institutions

Robert F Cochran

256 pages
SPCK Group

The Bible is full of law.
Yet too often, Christians either pick and choose verses out of context to bolster existing positions, or assume that any moral judgment the Bible expresses should become the law of the land. Law and the Bible asks, 'What inspired light does the Bible shed on Christians' participation in contemporary legal systems?' It concludes that more often than not the Bible overturns our faulty assumptions and skewed commitments rather than bolsters them. In the process, God gives us greater insight into what all of life, including law, should be.
Each chapter is co-written by a legal professional and a theologian, and focuses on a key aspect of the biblical witness concerning civil or positive law - that is, law which human societies create to order their communities, implementing and enforcing it through civil government. A foundational text for legal professionals, law and pre-law students, and all who want to think in a faithfully Christian way about law and their relationship to it.