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The Dating Dilemma

A Romance Revolution

Rachel Gardner and André Adefope

192 pages
SPCK Group

Boy meets girl.
Boy and girl go on romantic dates.
Boy and girl establish healthy boundaries, share their hearts and fall in love.
Boy buys ring.
Girl says, â€~yes’.
Boy and girl get married ...
If only it was this simple!
How do you recognize real love amidst the multitude of other things that go hand in hand with it: infatuation, lust, desperation, attraction, hate? How do you know if the person you are going out with is the person you should spend the rest of your life with? How easy is it to get it wrong?’
Rachel Gardner and André Adefope look at God’s guidelines for romance. They ask the difficult questions, but they also ask how God helps us to change - how you can become a godly boyfriend: confident in who you are, supportive, worthy of respect; or a godly girlfriend: sure of yourself, able to nurture selflessness and generosity in relationships.