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The Dating Dilemma

A Romance Revolution

Rachel Gardner and André Adefope

192 pages
SPCK Group

Founder of the Romance Academy - an organisation formed to protect teenage girls in those early years of relationships and romance, Rachel Gardner, helps your teens to think wisely and biblically about dating and relationships.

Taking on the tough questions - and sometimes having to give the tough answers for their own good, this book helps teenagers work through some of the most common and critical questions about dating and romance and helps you open up to them the life transforming power of God's true love.

You know how it goes, or how it's supposed to go: boy meets girl. Boy and girl go on romantic dates. Boy and girl establish healthy boundaries, share their hearts and fall in love. Boy buys ring. Girl says, 'yes'. Boy and girl get married. Parenting and pastoring would be a simple job if that's how it always went. But...

No parent, pastor or youth worker can afford not to know how to show teenagers the way to recognise real love amidst the multitude of other things that go hand in hand with it. How to separate infatuation, lust, desperation, attraction and even hate from true devotion, respect and love is vital to health in body mind and spirit when facing the dating dilemma.

Rachel Gardner and Andre Adefope lead you through God's guidelines for healthy romance by looking at how God helps us to look for and become a God honouring romantic partner; confident in whom you are, supportive, worthy of respect, sure in yourself, able to nurture selflessness and generous in relationship.

You need to know, because it's just too easy - and too dangerous, to get it wrong.

Author Bio
Rachel Gardner is Director of Partnerships at Youthscape and President of Girls Brigade England and Wales. She is also Student ans Youth Lead at Preston Minster, an Ambassador for Home for Good and a regular preacher and speaker at Christian youth and adult events. Her previous books include Beloved, Cherish and The Dating Dilemma.