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What'S At Stake In The Current Debates

Mark A Husbands and Daniel J Treier

278 pages
SPCK Group

Justification is not just one word among many, but a central reality for which Christians are thankful to God. Consequently, a faithful understanding of justification is not merely a concern of academic theologians but of all Christians. Discussion of this crucial matter reached a watershed during the Reformation, but concerns raised then have not all been resolved throughout the whole church.
In fact, current debates, even controversy, about justification among Protestants and between Protestants and Roman Catholics have been chronicled for general readers in periodicals such as Christianity Today and Books and Culture. Can evangelicals and Catholics come together? Are legal and penal aspects foundational for all other understandings of our justification? Is Christ's righteousness infused in believers or only imputed? These and other questions about this vital fact of Christian salvation remain of central importance for the preaching, teaching, believing and unity of the church.
In this book notable evangelical scholars and teachers address from biblical, historical and theological perspectives key questions that now prevent complete unity between Roman Catholic and Protestant branches of the church and raise tensions even among Protestant denominations. Witnessing to certain signs of hope, these essays also acknowledge points of caution. But for every reader who is looking for guidance and orientation to this doctrine and current discussion, this book provides a wealth of charitable yet incisive insight.