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Fundamentals of Water Treatment Unit Processes

David W. Hendricks

960 pages
IWA Publishing
  • Covers unit processes common to drinking water, wastewater, and any water requiring treatment 
  • Presents theory and practice for each unit process and key factors in development 
  • Examines uncommon issues that aid in applications principles, such as submerged flow for a Parshall flume and Henry’s law constants for 12 gases at different temperatures 
  • Reviews how the field arrived at its present state-of-the-art technologies to shed light on current practices  
Carefully designed to balance coverage of theoretical and practical principles, Fundamentals of Water Treatment Unit Processes delineates the principles that support practice, using the unit processes approach as the organizing concept. The author covers principles common to any kind of water treatment, e.g., drinking water, municipal wastewater, industrial water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, hazardous wastes. Since technologies change but principles remain constant, the book identifies strands of theory rather than discusses the latest technologies, giving students a clear understanding of basic principles they can take forward in their studies. 

Reviewing the historical development of the field and highlighting key concepts for each unit process, each chapter follows a general format that consists of process description, history, theory, practice, problems, references, and a glossary. This organizational style facilitates finding sections of immediate interest without having to page through an excessive amount of material. 

Pedagogical features: 
  • End-of-chapter glossaries provide a ready reference and adds terms pertinent to topic but beyond the scope of the chapter 
  • Sidebars sprinkled throughout the chapters present the lore and history of a topic, enlarging students’ perspective Example problems emphasize tradeoffs and scenarios rather than single answers and involve spreadsheets Reference material includes Appendices A-H and a quick-reference spreadsheet. 
  • The solutions manual includes spreadsheets for problems and supporting material is available for download 
Understanding how the field arrived at its present state of the art places the technology in a more logical context and gives students a strong foundation in basic principles. This book does more than build technical proficiency, it adds insight and understanding to the broader aspects of water treatment unit processes.

Co-Published with CRC Press   

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