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Physical-Chemical Treatment of Water and Wastewater

A. P. Sincero G. A. Sincero

784 pages
IWA Publishing
The books currently available on this subject contain some elements of physical-chemical treatment of water and wastewater but fall short of giving comprehensive and authoritative coverage. They contain some equations that are not substantiated, offering empirical data based on assumptions that are therefore difficult to comprehend. This text brings together the information previously scattered in several books and adds the knowledge from the author's lectures on wastewater engineering. Physical-Chemical Treatment of Water and Wastewater is not only descriptive but is also analytical in nature. The work covers the physical unit operations and unit processes utilized in the treatment of water and wastewater. Its organization is designed to match the major processes and its approach is mathematical. The authors stress the description and derivation of processes and process parameters in mathematical terms, which can then be generalized into diverse empirical situations. Each chapter includes design equations, definitions of symbols, a glossary of terms, and worked examples.  One author is an environmental engineer and a professor for over 12 years and the other has been in the practice of environmental engineering for more than 20 years. They offer a sound analytical mathematical foundation and description of processes. Physical-Chemical Treatment of Water and Wastewater fills a niche as the only dedicated textbook in the area of physical and chemical methods, providing an analytical approach applicable to a range of empirical situations  Contents Introduction  Characteristics of Water and Wastewater  Quantity of Water and Wastewater  Constituents of Water and Wastewater  Unit Operations of Water and Wastewater Treatment  Flow Measurements and Flow and Quality Equalizations  Pumping  Screening, Settling, and Flotation  Mixing and Flocculation  Conventional Filtration  Advanced Filtration and Carbon Adsorption  Aeration, Absorption, and Stripping  Unit Processes of Water and Wastewater Treatment  Water Softening  Water Stabilization  Coagulation  Removal of Iron and Manganese by Chemical Precipitation  Removal of Phosphorus by Chemical Precipitation  Removal of Nitrogen by Nitrification-Denitrification  Ion Exchange  Disinfection