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The Art of War

Sun Tzu Lionel Giles Nigel Cawthorne

208 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Sun Tzu's The Art of War is the earliest-known treatise on military science, studying how to shape war tactics in ever-evolving situations. It has seen enduring popularity for over two thousand years, providing insight into many areas of life including leadership and business strategy.

This beautiful clothbound hardback features the definitive translation by Lionel Giles. It also includes introduction by Nigel Cawthorne which examines the impact of the text throughout history, as well as its relevance to modern life. With a foil-stamped cover and decorative illustrations within, this deluxe edition makes the perfect gift or collectible.

Author Bio
Sun Tzu was an accomplished general and strategist in China who lived during the Spring and Autumn period (771-485 BC). His treatise The Art of War is the most famous military text ever written and remains influential to this day.