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1000 Sudoku Puzzles

The Ultimate Sudoku Challenge

Eric Saunders

640 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Here's the ultimate treat for all fans of the number-placement puzzle sudoku: a mega collection of 1000 grids arranged by level of difficulty. Sudokus are fun and satisfying to solve, and give our brains a good workout too. This compilation will satisfy even the most ardent enthusiast, and the beginner can enjoy the pleasure of working up through the levels as their solving skills improve.

1000 PUZZLES AND SOLUTIONS: This mega book of puzzles will provide many hours of entertainment.
EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN: These number placement puzzles will be sure to give your brain a stimulating workout.
IMPROVE YOUR SKILL: Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your ability to solve the puzzles improve as you work through the five levels from beginner to expert.

Author Bio
Eric Saunders is a prolific writer of non-fiction for children and adults, specialising in puzzle and activity books. He has been compiling puzzles for over 35 years, and his work can be found in books, newspapers and websites around the world. He lives in Wales.