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My Life Organizer

Take Control for a Happier, Tidier and More Fulfilled Life

Wendy Hobson

144 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
A book for people who feel their lives are out of control. My Life Organizer is a clear, thoughtful guide to how to get your life back on track. Readers are asked to analyze where they are on 'The Mess Spectrum' and from there the author shows how to bring organization to all aspects of your life, from simple strategies for keeping on top of paperwork, including crucial areas such as finances, to sorting out and streamlining your digital profile, your wardrobe and your home. There are tips on keeping track of appointments, invitations and birthdays and making time for social activities and fitness.
Author Bio
Wendy Hobson has worked for publishers as broad ranging as BBC Books, Macmillan Education, OUP and Cassell. Her writing is clear and accessible for beginners, but it also has sufficient creative impact to appeal to those with a broader knowledge of the subject. Her areas of expertise include matters of the mind, body and spirit; cookery; gardening and the arts. Wendy has a grown-up son and daughter and lives in Berkshire, England.