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Think Like Einstein

Step into the Mind of a Genius

Robert Snedden

224 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

This book offers astonishing solutions to everyday challenges such as breaking creative blocks, parenting, and improving relationships.

It will help readers improve their critical thinking skills and develop a sense of intuition and judgement.

Readers will learn how to attack problems from a multitude of angles and generate solutions that previously seemed impossible.

Author Bio
Robert Snedden has worked in publishing for more than thirty years as an editor and writer. He is an insatiable autodidact in the grand Scottish tradition and delights in learning new things, particularly concerning science, and in passing on that knowledge via the books he writes. His writing for children and adults has so far ranged across such diverse topics as medical ethics, habitats, evolution, space exploration, engineering, pharmacogenetics and the technology of ancient civilisations.