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The Essential Book of Chakras

How to Focus the Energy Points of the Body

C.W. Leadbeater Julian Flanders

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Improve your spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing with this modern guide to chakras, presented in a beautiful gold-stamped hardback with full-color illustrations.

Inside our bodies, we have spinning wheels of natural energy called chakras. Together, these energies form the Chakra System, a channel for the integration of mind, body and spirit. This accessible beginner's guide teaches simple techniques to practice at home in order to keep your chakras in balance. These include yoga, meditation, eating a balanced diet and the use of scents and essential oils, crystals and color.

• The properties of each chakra
• Meditations for unblocking your chakras
• Yoga techniques for relieving emotional stress and physical discomfort

Featuring vibrant chakra illustrations from leading theosophist Charles Leadbeater, this book is wonderful for anyone who wants a fresh look at this ancient meditation practice and bring positive energy into their lives.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Elements is a series of spiritual development titles, each focusing on different aspects of healing and divination. Written by a variety of experts, these beautifully illustrated foil-stamped hardbacks are the perfect entryway into ancient spiritual practices.

Author Bio

Julian Flanders is a Londoner by birth and has spent a lifetime involved with books: reading, proof reading, editing and writing them. His specialist areas include mind/body/spirit, history, philosophy, politics, music and sport. As a firebrand youth, he often roused the good citizens of the city at election time, knocking on doors to discuss the latest issues. Now living in the countryside, he has more time for reflection, reading, writing and walking the dog.

C.W. Leadbeater
(1854-1934) was a member of the Theosophical Society and an influential author on occult subjects. His most celebrated titles include Astral Plane and Devachanic Plane and The Chakras.