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Consider Him

Listening, Learning and Leaning on Jesus: 365 Daily Devotions

416 pages
SPCK Group

Jesus knows you. Do you want to know Him?

In this 365 devotional, Catherine Campbell extends an invitation to spend a year focussing daily on the life, teachings and ministry of Jesus Christ. Warmly written and firmly rooted in Scripture, Catherine offers personal stories, anecdotes and narrative biblical retellings to draw our minds and hearts closer to Him. She also seeks to spur our reflection into action with entries that feature opportunities to not just be listeners to the Word, but doers of it as well.

Whether you are beginning, renewing or deepening your relationship with Jesus, let Consider Him guide you towards the 'author and perfecter of our faith.'

Author Bio

Catherine Campbell lives with her husband in Northern Ireland. Previously, she worked as a nurse but now spends her time writing and speaking. Many of her books focus on issues surrounding life’s tough stuff and what the Bible has to say in response. Two of her three children were born with profound disabilities, and this experience provided the catalyst for Catherine’s literary journey.

Catherine is the author of eight books, including God Knows Your Name and Journey With Me. She has also written numerous magazine articles for a variety of Christian magazines including Woman Alive and Together Magazine.